Encompass the scent of autumn in your soaps

Between pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters, it seems people spend the two short months of fall basking in the glory of the season. For good reason, too! With fall comes some much needed relief from the oppressive heat of the summer, as well as some of the best holidays for food.

People love the scents of fall, with candles that smell like pumpkin pie and body sprays loaded with the smell of juicy apples flying off the shelves. Try making some seasonal soap this fall that you can use to channel the soothing vibe all year round:

Fall is one of the most embraced times of the year.

What kinds of scents?
There’s so much more to the smells of fall than pumpkin and apple, and plenty of combinations can be made using essential oils. When making an autumnal batch of soap, you’ll want to incorporate warm scents, like vanilla and amber, with spicy and earthy scents like cinnamon and patchouli.

Here are a few combinations of essential oil to start with. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own favorite combinations!

  • For a classic fall mix: Orange + clove + cinnamon
  • For an earthy scent: Patchouli + allspice + cedar
  • For a spicy aroma: Star anise + cinnamon + nutmeg + vanilla

How about exfoliants?
If you want your batch of soap to take on an autumnal theme, you’ll want to stray from using exfoliants that are out of the fall color scheme. For example, don’t use lavender, because it’s too purple, and you won’t want to use rose because the scent is too floral. However, this doesn’t mean that exfoliants in general won’t work. For example, coffee beans and grounds are both brown, so they’ll match perfectly with the rest of the colors. You can also mix cinnamon and brown sugar together for an exfoliating layer that will smell fantastic. Add pumpkin seeds for a seasonal touch. Of course, you can always use your classic go-to’s as well, like oatmeal.

“Have fun with seasonal soaps with different molds this time of year.”

Fall molds
One of the best parts of making seasonal soaps is how much fun you can have with the molds and shapes of the soap. If you’re a beginner in the soap making game, or just like to keep it simple, there’s no shame in using a classic mold for your fall batch. But if you’re looking to experiment and have a little extra fun with your soaps, try using molds. There are plenty ways of doing this, from using specialty soap molds to just using some cute pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters.

Many people who sell their soaps have small rectangular boxes to package their bars in, so they’re hesitant to experiment with different shapes. Luckily, Soap Deli News laid out the instructions to embed a colorful shape in your rectangular bar soap. Use a tube mold in your preferred shape, with smaller diameters than your rectangular soap, and put your soap mixture inside.

Allow the soap to harden before you start your next step. Take the shaped soap out of the tube and line the bottom of your rectangular soap mold with the exterior color soap. Then, fill it a little less than half way and allow it to harden before adding the shaped tube of soap. Afterward, fill the rest of the mold with the exterior color. This type of soap would be super cute with a black or brown exterior color and a, orange pumpkin shape in middle!