Preparing your soap store for the holidays

Though the holiday season may seem like it’s still light years away, people who craft and make soap have already started their preparations. Most soaps take between four and six weeks to cure, so if you sell your soaps at craft fairs or online, you’re probably psyching yourself up for the rush at this very moment.

What’s a better holiday gift than a soothing bar of homemade soap, anyway? Here are a few ways to get your soap store prepared for the busy season ahead:

Expect orders to begin rolling in this December.

Get started early
Many of us are procrastinators even when it comes to projects that we genuinely enjoy, like making soap. However, during the holiday rush, you won’t be able to crank out an order on December 20 to have it shipped and under the tree by December 25. Work hard in November and early December and you’ll be able to relax and ship all of your pre-made items with ample time.

Look at your website’s history and determine which scents have been the most popular in the past and be sure to stock up on the necessary supplies. While it may seem like a good idea to devote a lot of time to seasonal soaps, like peppermint or evergreen-scented, don’t let the rest of your varieties lag. If you make too many of these scents, they’ll be tougher to sell on the off-season. For extra assurance, consider posting a deadline on your website to let customers know how late they can order to still receive their order by Christmastime.

Consider a gift-wrapping option
If you find that you have the time to gift-wrap your orders this holiday season, it’s a great way to make a few extra dollars per order! Many people are having their gifts mailed right to the receiver because they may live too far away. By offering gift wrapping and a beautiful presentation, your customers will be thankful for the option – especially if you’re willing to personalize it with a gift tag or card.

Stock up on shipping supplies
With an armload of soaps, the last thing you’ll want to do to is wait in holiday season lines at the post office to ship your orders. Stock up on shipping labels so you can just toss your soaps in the nearest mailbox, and order your packaging in bulk for the best deal. If you do have to go to the post office each time you ship a package, choose a couple of days a week to ship everything at once. Clear your schedule as much as possible and get all of your supplies corralled and ready to go. Though this will seem like a hassle to do when it still seems so early, you’ll be happy you took the time to do so when those crazy orders start rolling in!