Ingredients you need for holiday soaps


The holidays are a busy time for many wholesale soap making suppliers, whether they sell their soaps or just make them for their loved ones. Homemade soap is a luxurious present, especially since many people find that the price tag is a little high for their everyday use. A lot of soap makers like to capitalize on holiday cheer by making holiday themed bars. If you’re ready to try some new recipes specific to Christmas, here are some important ingredients you should stock up on:

Make your soap look like cupcakes.

Cocoa powder and cocoa absolute
What better time of year to begin making hot chocolate-scented soaps? While this recipe isn’t much different than other varieties of cocoa-scented soap, you can make it festive by decorating it with candy cane shavings or attaching white tops to the bars that look like whipped cream. Other ingredients you’ll want to purchase if you’re set on making hot chocolate soap include milk powder and vanilla essential oil. Who wouldn’t be warmed up by using this bar of soap in a nice hot shower?

Peppermint essential oil
What’s Christmas without candy canes? To make peppermint soap, try cutting the oil with some vanilla as well, so the scent doesn’t overwhelm. While you can add this scent to just about any color soap, a great way to make the bar look festive is it add it to a plain white bar of soap, and swirl in some red dye. As with the hot chocolate soap above, you can decorate with candy cane shavings, or even some peppermint candies. These will dissolve along with the soap in the hot water, so you won’t have to worry about the decorations clogging up the drain!

“Use red seeds as exfoliants.”

Cranberry seeds
Cranberry seeds or any other little red berry is a great way to give your soaps some exfoliating properties while also looking like festive little holly berries! This method can be used in unscented soap or incorporated into other recipes for Christmas sales. Since the seeds are so bright, they’ll show up nicely alongside a green bar of soap.

Cookie cutter or molds
Rather than using the same traditional mold for your Christmas soaps, try making it a little more festive. Stock up on cookie cutters or soap molds in the shape of snowmen, bells, holly leaves and any other holiday shapes. If the soap looks Christmas themed, it’ll make a great addition to gift baskets and stockings, so it’ll make a goodlast-minute present for your shoppers. Go ahead and pair these shapes with your themed scents, or just make your regular stock in a “limited holiday edition.” People go nuts for exclusive edition things!

Muffin tins
When it comes to cute shapes for your soap, consider making some simple melt and pour soap in a muffin tin. Make your soap look like festive cupcakes! To make a cake-scented soap,you’ll want to use a buttercream fragrance oil mixed with vanilla essential oil. For the frosting, make some whipped soap so it looks realistic, and use peppermint and vanilla oils to stick with your holiday theme. You can even make them in seasonal cupcake liners!